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(From Sat 4th July)


Yes, we are back! The team at Sandy Wood Hair Specialists are back to tackle your extra long roots and grown out cuts and serve you some looks and some seriously needed TLC!


Sandy has been working tirelessly behind the scenes during lockdown to ensure that the salon and the team are ready to open and can do so in a safe and efficient way alongside the government guidelines.


Rest assured that the safety and welbeing of all our clients and team is, and always will be our main priority. Whilst COVID-19 has taken the whole world by storm, we are ready and raring to reopen with slick new procedures to keep us all safe.


We wanted to let you know some of the precautions that we are taking and how this will affect any upcoming appointments.


The whole team at SWHS have received certificates in Barbicide COVID-19 and L'oreal COVID-19 back to work courses to ensure that there is a full up to date understanding of risks and health and safety procedures.


Please read on for essential information regarding how the salon has changed and what will be different during yournew appointment.


We can't wait to see you! x



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1. New appointments will hopefully be made online via the following button


This will minimise our contact with the phone and other members of staff (limited potential spread of virus) and will maximise our time with you during your appointment. By booking online you have full access to your history, making it easier to book the same services at the click of a button. It also gives you the ability to reschedule, cancel or change your appointment 24/7!

2. Email/Text Prior to appointment

3. On arrival you will be asked to wait in your car or outside until we contact you to come in

We will call you when we are ready for you. This is to ensure that we can maintain social distance at all times in the salon, therefore we will not be able to accomodate 'walk in's'. Only one client will be able to wait within the salon on the sofa at one time.

4. Please come alone!

We know we are very much 'The more the merrier' but...the SWHS team will be working extra days and longer hours to ensure that shift patterns cross over as little as possible. We have worked extrememly hard to ensure that the amount of clients and stylists in the salon at any one time will be effortlessly socially distanced.

Therefore unfortunately we will be unable to allow entry to anyone other than the client booked in.

If you require a chaperone please let us know in advance so we can arrange an appointment time that is possible.



5. Upon entry

Upon entry of the salon there will be several changes. Firstly, sadly, our usual big bear hugs and happy hand shakes will be gone for a while, but don't worry, our smiles and welcoming energy will still be there!


As soon as you enter you will see our 'Sanitisation Station' (we think it has a nice little ring to it?). You will be asked to sanitise your hands, this is compulsory.


Prior to your arrival all basins, seats and stations will be fully sanitised.

You will receive an email and/or text to confirm your appointment date, time and stylist alongside a link to this page, 2 days before.

You will also be asked to fill our a COVID-19 consultation form to ensure you are well enough to attend.

5. Travel light

To keep the salon as safe and sterile as possible, we ask that you try to bring minimal items in with you from outside. E.g. try not to bring you shopping, suitcase or gym bag.


Bring a phone, book, tablet etc as we will not have our usual magazines. Extra items will be placed in sanitised safe individual boxes so that your belongings (including coats and bags) can stay away from others.

6. Dress Code/PPE

We know it's not the best look and they take some getting used to. But we ask that all clients come to us wearing a mask. At least now there are some pretty cool masks out there now!

If you do not have a mask of your own then we will have affordable masks to purchase. Santitiser will be available throughout so no need to wear gloves.

You will be provided with a freshly laundered gown.


The team will be wearing personal PPE such as clean protective aprons and plastic face sheilds. It's a good look, we promise!

7. Whilst the magic is happening

So while we are working our magic on you looking like smiley plastic robots (joke), you will now be able to order a freshly poured coffee from our new Barista neighbour Rue Gourmet! They have yummy sandwiches too. We know everyone loves our drinks, and don't worry, they will be back. But for now to minimse our contact through the salon and cross contamination you will be able to order on arrival and pay them at the end of your visit.


We cannot wait to see and catch up with everyone and find out what crazy hobbies everyones taken up or given up in lockdown. That said when there are face to face services like at the basin and during colouring, cutting etc at from of face, we ask that conversation is kept to a minimum.

8. Distanced seating

Seating has been spaced around the salon. You will noticed that certain seats are not being used to ensure that social distancing can be maintained as much as possible.


There are divides between the basin area also.

9. Pampering done and ready to go

6. Keeping you safe after the visit

After your TLC, mini photoshoot and compulsory hair flick. settle up as usual, stock up on your essential home care products. We will return your coat and belongs and either rebook you then and there or you can book at home when you are ready from your phone or laptop!  


No hugs though : (

We think about you all the time, about wether that client got that job interview, how the blondes going after that 2 week holiday, how the birth went! We also think about how you all are and if you are well. now more than ever.


As a company we will require full up to date contact details of everyone entering the salon to use solely for contact tracing should anyone be exposed to the virus. During your visit we will be checking your information, potenitally asking you to update or add if you are new.

6. Private appointments

During your visit we will ask each client to fill in a new consultation form for the service they are having. This will be required to be completed before the service can proceed.


We also kindly ask customers to reschedule their appointments if;


- You have experienced any cold or flu symptoms in the last 14 days

- You have been in contact with anyone with cold or fly symptoms in the last 14 days


If you have booked your appointment online you will be able to conveniently change this yourself by logging back in online. If you booked through us please call us on 0203 556 9593.


Cancellations must follow the cancellation policy.

Private appointments are now available. Private appointments are times where there will only be one hairdresser and one client in the salon at one time. There are spaces available each week and usually will be the first or last few appointments of the day or a Sunday. First refusal will go to our elderly and at risk clients, then will be booked on a first come first serve basis.


Please speak to a member of the team for more information.

10. Health Check

Please contact us on 0203 556 9593 if you have any questions about your upcoming appointment.


If you have a hair question please book a free consultation with one of our hair specialists online.


If you would like to rechdule, change or manke an appointment please click below.




Thank you for reading!


We can't wait to have you all back in.


Peace & love


Sandy x