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rescue bottle

Hair screaming to be RESCUED?

Don't worry, we got ya...

Introducing the Ultimate Repair for ALL hair types.


Using Bioactive Keratin that is able to enter the centre of the hair and bind to the most severely damaged hair.

So what's the offer?

Buy a course of  3 x Rescue Treatments


Recieve a FREE Blowdry




15% off any BHAVE products for the perfect aftercare


FOR £100     (Usually £138)


Unfunctional Keratin Diagram functional keratin diagram

How is this Keratin different?

This Keratin is normally found in smoothing treatments/Brazilian Blowouts. This may fill small gaps on the outside (cuticle) of the hair to give shine and smoothness but it's only a temporary coating.


This cannot repair you hair.

Bio-active keratin is the only keratin protein that can mimic and regenerate with hairs own natural keratin.


Bio-active keratin is almost identical to the keratin present in skin and hair, and so can naturally bind and interact with skin and hair and impart a range of benefits.


Basically replacing what you have lost whic was previously thought to be unrecoverable.


How often do you need to have it done?

For severly damaged hair

Including...Bleached hair, over processed hair, relaxed/permed hair, heat junkies.

1 Rescue treatment a week for 3 weeks.


Then moving to 6 weeks.


For moderately damaged hair

1 Rescue treatment every 9 weeks.


For slightly damaged hair

1 Rescue treatment every 6 weeks.


Will it weigh down fine hair?

Will Rescue get rid of frizz in the hair?

No it will not, no matter which way you use Rescue you will not find the hair heavy.


If frizz is the result of damage to the hair, you will find a Rescue will help repair the damage therefore calming the frizz. However, if your client feels their hair is frizzy because their hair is curly then Rescue will not affect the curl.