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Price: From £30  Time: 50 mins


Heat styling, colour, chemical straightening and the environment can leave hair dry, brittle and damaged.


Reversal of damage can now be achieved with our Rescue Treatment.  Restore, Repair and Protect.

Reduce damage by 80%!


Our in-salon rescue treatment uses a revolutionary new Keratin Technology which is able to bind to the most severely damaged hair, rebuild the internal structure and restore strength, elasticity, damage and shine (previously thought to be unrecoverable) from the inside out rather than superficially coating the hair surface for a temporary fix.


The key innovation in this treatment is the Replicine Functional Keratin - a naturally derived Keratin protein that is almost identical to the natually occuring Keratin in hair and skin. These intact keratin proteins are able to bind to severely damaged hair, rebuilding the internal structure and restore strength, elasticity and shine previously thought to be unrecoverable.


For severely damaged hair a course of weekly applications for 3 weeks is recommended then every 6 weeks thereafter.

Minor damage we recommend reapplication every 12 weeks for best results.


Please note BHAVE Keratin shampoo and conditioner will need to be used to prolong the results.

No straightening involved. Hair cannot be washed for 24 hours but can be styled in anyway.


Great followed with an Intelligent Blowdry (Keratin Smoothing Treatment) which will eliminate frizz, reduce blowdry time, smooth and rejuvenate hair.


The durability of RESCUE varies according to damage type. Bleach damage needs the most repair requiring the most frequent application, where as repair on perm damaged hair is the most durable. Durability also depends on severity.


Please see guidelines for frequency of re-application.


Must haves for any colour service. Leave with your hair feeling better after colouring than it did before colour.



Rejuvenating Therapy is possible with INNOluxe. This is must have for any lightening, perm, relaxer or colour service.


This creates super strong & reinforced sulphur bonds that incredibly repair & restore during the chemical process. Giving maximum strength to the hair and significantly reducing damage that can be caused during a chemical service.


Innoluxe is an advanced blend of low weight proteins that rebuilds & bonds that strengthens hair, repairing and restoring condition.


In addition, INNOluxe works fantastically well as a stand-alone treatment as well as creating incredible repair when used with relaxers, perms and keratin treatments.


With colour or perm

Price £20

Only 10 minutes added time to your colour service


With relaxer

Price £15

Only 10 minutes added time to your colour service


Stand alone treatment

Price £25

25 minutes treatment - blowdry needs to be booked seperately











IMPORTANT: For severely damaged hair, we recommend starting with a course of weekly applications for 3 weeks then moving onto 6 weeks treatments.


Price: £25  Time: 25 mins



Want added hydration with your Bond Builder?

This treatment provides pure hydration and strengthens the bonds of the hair from inside out. Combining an individual recipe of INNOluxe Bond Builder and our Keratin infused Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner for ultra luxury and hydration. Not forgetting the luxury head and scalp massage.


Blowdry needs to be booked seperately.